Our story

Honestly? We'd rather be pinning and stitching and tucking and pleating than trying to write about what we do and why, which is not to say that what's below is not important.

So, anyway, here goes…

two heads

No, we are not sisters. (We get asked that all the time!)

We're just a pair of bowerbirdish friends who fossick and collect — and love fashion, fabric, art and food. We enjoy upcycling our found objects into new works of wonder.

And that's how it started…with a huge box of vintage buttons that we couldn't resist buying at one of our market trawls, and then had to figure out how to use.

With the success of our button jewellery we outgrew the kitchen table and felt ready for a bigger design challenge—creating distinctive, affordable, Melbourne-made clothing that women like us would enjoy wearing.

These days, when we're not on a road trip to a fabulous festival, or meeting our wonderful customers at the local markets, you'll find us happily ensconced in our semi-industrial, warehouse studio in Highett—surrounded by objets d'art that inspire us—where we create and construct and shape and play and drink tea.

two threads


The Two Threads design aesthetic is edgy, quirky, distinctive and resists fashion trends.

Seasonal collections are often inspired by the mood or texture of an unusual fabric. Japanese printed cottons, jersey, denim and a variety of felted New Zealand wools feature in our ranges.

We take carefully chosen cloth in unexpected directions by deconstructing, manipulating, twisting, tucking, layering, playing with shapes and contrasts, not knowing where we're going until one of us says "That's it!... Stop!!"

Most of our pieces feature left-of-centre design elements like raw edges, outside seams, woven layers and asymmetrical cuts.

Our very Melbourne palette consists of black, greys and reds enhanced with floral or textural accents.


We often include a recycled element, for example: overdyed lace, men's shirting and suiting, men's ties, kimono fabrics, vintage buttons. You name it, we'll use it.


Banish boredom! Our garments can often be worn in a variety of different ways and also layered or supplemented for easy transfer from one season to another.


Attention to cut, comfort and quality ensures Two Threads garments are a reliable, fit for most ages, shapes and sizes.

madly melbournian

Two Threads is passionately and proudly melbourne-owned and made. It's important to us that we source all our supplies locally and actively support likeminded businesses.